Check out China’s first VEGAN magazine!

Check out China’s first VEGAN magazine!!!

Happy belated World Vegan Day!

What better way to celebrate than to read China’s first vegan magazine (that is, if you can read in Chinese haha)?

 A Taste of Future, written by Veg Planet, is the first magazine in China focusing on vegan food and lifestyle.VEG1

1.Why did Veg Planet decide to publish a vegan magazine?

Meat has always been the center of culinary attention. However, although many think that meatless foods can’t be delicious, this conception is quite outdated.

Many of us probably don’t know that the popularity of vegan/vegetarian food is drastically increasing in China. In fact, the number of vegetarian restaurants has more than doubled over the last two years. 35% percent of Chinese people in the 20-49 age group, amounting to 200 million people, are flexitarians, or “flexible vegetarians.” More than half of Chinese consumers are willing to buy products containing organic, all-natural, and eco-friendly ingredients, making vegan / vegetarian products among the fastest growing ones.VEG2

This is also a trend we are seeing all across the globe, as more people begin to prefer vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based products. Instead of eating for the sake of eating, many start to eat for their health, the environment, the planet, peace, and love.

Veg Planet is joining this global culinary revolution!

Want a taste of the future? Check out this magazine!

2.What’s inside the magazine?

You won’t find any dishes that contain meat and seafood; you won’t even catch a glimpse of eggs, dairy products, or honey. But you will embrace all the tasty charms of plants here! You’ll discover kitchen tips for vegan cooking, recipes for dishes from Michelin restaurants, and whatever else lies within your imagination!

  • Lifestyle: This magazine contains information about the coolest restaurants, strategies, and recipes! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, whether you want to put together a quick bite or an elegant meal, A Taste of Future’s got it all!VEG3
  • Nutrition: This magazine will teach you how to eat healthfully, what superfoods are, and everything else you desire to know about vegan nutrition!VEG4
  • Interviews: Read interviews with Pietro Leemann, the head chef of Joia, the world’s first Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant; Rolf Hiltl, the fourth-generation successor of Switzerland’s hundred-year-old vegetarian restaurant Hiltl; and many more gourmet masters, who will teach you the secrets behind this food revolution!
  • A map of Beijing’s vegetarian restaurants!VEG5
  • And more!VEG6

This is so exciting! What do you think of this? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Info and photos obtained from Veg Planet.

Written by Riley Peng @Animal Dialogue

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