Tencent and WWF formed a partnership to use digital technology to protect marine wildlife

Chinese tech giant Tencent and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that they have formed a partnership to collaborate on utilizing digital technology to promote ecological conservation.

Tencent and WWF will use the AR technology in three aspects: to rebuild the representative buildings and sculptures of the city, provide online education and training to enhance the professional skills of the national park’s eco-practitioners, and combat illegal wildlife trade to protect marine wildlife, raising the public’s awareness of protecting the ocean and endangered animals.

Both parties will execute a series of ecological conservation projects based on digital technology. In the early stage, these three directions will first focus on “cultivating public awareness of environmental protection, training eco-conservation practitioners, and combating illegal cyber wildlife trade.” Specifically, the following three projects will be launched: “digital landmarks, digital classrooms, and digital rescue”.

Tencent stated that its strong digital technology and culture, combined with WWF’s global experience and expert resources, will promote the in-depth application of digital technology in the field of eco-environmental conservation.

Info and photos from Sohu: http://www.sohu.com/a/228934501_117373

Translated by Sherry Yao, edited by Riley Peng @Animal Dialogue

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