Animal Dialogue is a research and educational think-tank that aims to promote interdisciplinary discussions on human-animal-environment relationships, and to empower and support the next-generation conservation leaders.

Our Goals:

Enlightenment: Appeal to a general Chinese audience and discuss domestic and international conservation and animal welfare issues in depth. Inform aspiring conservationists of opportunities and provide resources to encourage them to pursue conservation career paths.

Engagement: Actively engage in conservation and animal welfare issues worldwide. Connect international and Chinese conservation workers and animal advocates. Promote collaboration between conservation and animal welfare groups in China.

Empowerment: Empower animal activists and conservation groups in China by providing consultation for organizational reframing and campaign planning. Assist Chinese conservation NGOs in amplifying their domestic and international impacts.

Who Are We?

We are a group of Chinese scholars and professionals who seek to change the popular attitudes towards animals and nature in China.

What Do We Do?

We publish weekly in-depth articles in conservation and animal welfare-related topics to our subscribers and foster constructive conversations in our discussion groups.  Some of our articles include our interviews of conservation scientists, NGO workers, film producers, vegan influencers, and others who are working at the frontier of nature conservation and animal ethics in China.

We also strive to get more media coverage on conservation issues. We are frequent contributors to several major environmental newspapers and magazines such as Human and Nature, China Green Times, and China Environment.

We empower young leaders to learn about a career in conservation, broaden their knowledge scope, and to develop professional skills in an interdisciplinary training environment. Our trainees have brought knowledge and technical expertise to local wildlife NGOs in China, creating innovating solutions to wildlife trafficking, big cats conservation, human-wildlife conflicts and other concerning conservation problems.

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